Teacher Friend,

I See You! 

Let Me Guide You to a More Positive Teaching Experience 

INTRODUCING: Positive Mindset Mini-Habits for Teachers - THE COURSE


Imagine a Teacher Life Where You

Leave campus each day at a reasonable time and still have energy left for your family and other things you love.

Have practical science-based tools available to help reduce stress and overwhelm. 

Connect with students in a way that increases engagement and puts fun and passion back in your classroom.

What if you had an experienced coach in your corner who cared 100% about YOU and YOUR teaching experience? 

And what if it only took 15 minutes a week, even when you're on the go?


Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With Mindset Mini Habits for Teachers you will have the science-backed tools, mindsets, and inspiration to live a better balanced teacher life.

Yes, I Can Dedicate 15 Minutes a Week

Before I tell you about the program, let's make sure you are a good fit ...

  •  You love teaching but are frustrated that it takes so much of your time and energy. You want to stop living for the weekend.
  • You crave a more positive teaching experience but don't know what to do differently.
  • You feel like a course or a book would be just one more thing you don't have time for.
  • You're fed up with a negative campus culture or one of toxic positivity. You need real solutions, not a positivity pep-talk.
  • You want to stay in teaching, but you need to be happier.
  • You read Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers and really want more consistent support.

Yes, I'm a Good Fit!

What Makes This Program Different?

  • Made FOR teachers BY a teacher
  • Based on SCIENCE-BASED HABITS & 20 years of "in the trenches" relevant classroom experience (yes, I taught through the pandemic and after, and it IS different now)
  • EASY - Put the APP on your phone or tablet and consume the short videos on the go (or at your desk during lunch)
  • NO RUSH - You have Lifetime Access

Invest in a program you will actually USE - Invest in YOU!

"These habits were so easy to implement! I loved watching the videos at my desk during lunch break. It was like having a teacher bestie right there with you encouraging you."

- Beatriz Flores

Just what I needed as a teacher of 20 years. It was a wonderful reminder of what is important in a culture that often emphasizes teaching to the test instead of looking at your classroom holistically. If you are new to the classroom or feeling burnt out, I really recommend this."

- Kimberly Hughes

I so appreciated her words of wisdom, as well as her delightful approach to staying positive in such a dynamic and potentially stressful job. I highly recommend this program!

- Alec Amato

After investing in this program, you will have the skills and confidence to...


Decompress Your Nervous System

Teaching is a literal assault on your nervous system. Learn practical strategies & mindsets to:

  • Regulate your nervous system and get out of "fight or flight" mode
  • Develop daily habits with your class to create more calm

You’ll finish the module with tools to help you and your students reduce stress and stay calm during overwhelm, as well as proven strategies to help with your mental and emotional health.


Become a Joy Detective

This module is all about helping your brain become more positively focused. Mini-lessons include:

  • How to set "happy traps" throughout your day
  • How to reprogram your radar to look for the "good stuff"
  • Easy yet powerful strategies to make gratitude and joy part of your class culture

You’ll finish this module with new mindsets and fun accountability tools for you and your students.


Maintain Meaningful Connections

Authentic connections are essential to our well-being, happiness and even affect our longevity. In the classroom, no learning happens without meaningful connections. In this module the focus is:

  • Creating positive connections within the classroom
  • Establishing a true classroom community
  • Nurturing connections outside of school
  • A powerful tool to level up your communication in any situation

You’ll finish this module with proven strategies and a script to help navigate tricky conversations.


Improve School and Home Balance

Tired of teaching taking up ALL of your time and energy? Discover:

  • A powerful tool to help you diagnose where you are most out of balance
  • Why believing we can "do it all" is a myth
  • How to put your personal priorities on the calendar, guilt-free

After this module, you'll have clarity and an action plan to improve your work/life balance as well as tips on collaborating with intention.


 Create Your Own Teacher Story

Your experience doesn't need to be the same as other teachers' experience. Discover:

  • Limiting beliefs about teaching that could be holding you back
  • How to reclaim your identity as a person, not just a teacher
  • How to proactively design your teaching day - not be a victim of circumstance (school picture day not withstanding)

After this module, you'll have a clearer vision of how you can have a positive experience despite the current negativity in education.


Protecting Your Mental & Emotional Peace

Your mind is the most fertile soil in the universe. What are you planting in it? Learn:

  • How your media consumption habits could be adding to your stress
  • How to navigate teacher besties who need to vent versus toxic complainers who drain your energy
  • How to reframe your relationship with technology in your life
  • How to support students without absorbing their trauma and stress

After this module, you'll have more positive habits to ensure that you are actually "relaxing" in your down time and not adding fuel to your over taxed nervous system.


Embody the Paradox that Less is More

Let's face it, there's just too much to do as a teacher. I'm giving you permission and solid guidance on how to do less. In these lessons you'll uncover:

  • The paradox that you will become a more effective teacher if you do less
  • Powerful strategies to prioritize tasks that make a true difference for you and your students
  • Why you need "room" in more than just your schedule

After this module you'll have a deeper understanding of why "less" is the new magic word, as well as strategies to make peace with being, doing and having "enough."


Move Up the Emotional Scale

A "complete life overhaul" is an ambitious yet unsustainable goal, but incremental improvements in your mood and energy can make a significant improvement in your experience. Learn:

  • The scope and importance of the emotional scale
  • How to tap into a "playlist" of instant mood changers for you and your students (beyond music)
  • How to hack your brain by changing your posture
  • So, so much more!

This module explores the secret to having a more positive experience inside the classroom and out - one moment at a time. It could be the critical piece you've been missing in your personal development journey.

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Not only is this program at a HUGE discount right now, it also includes two extra bonuses to  ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS. 3-pay option also available.

Core Program

8 modules - 45 videos

Ability to watch on the go using the APP

$197 value

Program Workbook

Custom exercises, PDF reference sheets and variety of habit trackers

$27 value

Bonus: Mini-Course

Video mini-course on the science of habits and the science of happiness

$27 value

Bonus: Positive Mindset Habits Lesson & Life Planner

A PDF (200 pages +) and digital version of the PMHT Lesson & Life Planner

$30 value

A 100% Happiness Guarantee

This product has a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you work through the first two modules of this course and are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money. 


Mindset Mini-Habits for Teachers

3 Month Pay Plan

$37 X 3


Yes! I Want The Discount Price + Bonuses

Let's Do This!

Pay In Full



Yes! I Want The Discount Price + Bonuses

Let's Do This!

Program Details


  • 8 modules with 4-5 habit-specific video lessons in each module. Each video is easy to consume 10-15 mins.
  • Ensure success by using the complete Workbook with exercises, resource PDFs and habit trackers.
  • Choose the modules that you need the most and work at your own pace.
  • Work online, on your computer, phone or tablet (on the go!) using the user- friendly app.
  • You have lifetime access to the program - including any updates! Come back and revisit a module any time you are struggling.
  • At the time of purchase, you will have immediate access to all of the modules and the BONUS material. 


Hi! I'm Grace

In 2002 I traded in a cushy corporate career for life as a public school teacher. After years of anxiety, depression, and burnout in the corporate world, teaching was like a breath of fresh air! Teaching was a joy - and easy. Until it wasn't. 

Pretty soon I was overwhelmed and back on the road to burnout. I realized I didn't need to change careers again, I needed to change ME.

I became obsessed with studying NLP, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. I learned how to hack my mindset with simple habits to put the joy back in my classroom. In 2018, I turned those habits into a best-selling book, "Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers". I'm so happy now to support you with a comprehensive program based on this material.

You deserve to be happier - let me be your guide!


Frequently Asked Questions


Mindset Mini-Habits for Teachers

3 Month Pay Plan

$37 X 3


Yes! I Want The Discount Price + Bonuses


  • Put the balance back in my life
  • Be more present with my family
  • Ditch the overwhelm and make teaching sustainable 
  • Lifetime Access to the learning modules, exercises & bonuses
Let's Do This!

Pay In Full



Yes! I Want The Discount Price + Bonuses


  • Put the balance back in my life
  • Be more present with my family
  • Ditch the overwhelm and make teaching sustainable 
  • Lifetime Access to the learning modules, exercises & bonuses
Let's Do This!


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Mindset Mini-Habits For Teachers Program, let me know within the first 14 days for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.