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Your Energy Teaches More Than Your Lesson Plans

I'm an ex corporate girl who traded a VP life for my dream job as a public school teacher. It was the best decision I ever made, but it wasn't always easy. Pretty soon the stress and the burnout starting creeping back in. I decided if I truly wanted to be happy I couldn't change careers again. What I needed to change was ME. 

 In order to protect my passion for teaching, I dove head first into studying positive psychology, neuro-science, behavioral therapy and NLP. In 2012, I distilled everything I learned into a set of simple, positive habits and mindsets that teachers can use to have a better teaching experience. Three books later, here we are.

After 20 years in the classroom, I stepped out to teach educators learn these skills. Teachers DESERVE to experience balance in their lives. Without it, teaching isn't sustainable. Plus, happier teachers create more productive learning environments. It's that simple and that important. Stop living for the weekend! Let me show you the way.

What People Are Saying 

Travis Manley, Principal

If you are looking for a great staff PD that is engaging, positive and supports your team's social/emotional well-being, then look no further than Grace Stevens. Grace left staff feeling inspired, motivated, and focused on having a successful school year and provided them with the practical tools to ensure that her ideas were actionable and sustainable. So much more than a positivity pep talk, her advice was real world and relevant. Teachers were talking about her presentation for months afterwards.

Beatriz Flores, V. Principal

Just what my teacher heart and my staff needed! Reading her books is like having coffee with a wise friend and not at all like books filled with jargon. Even after 15 years I found so many applicable strategies and habits that are positive in all areas of my life. I've read all of her books and we bought all of our staff the Positive Mindset Journal - they are enjoying it!

Cynthia Fisher, Teacher

Having taught just about every level from primary to university over the last 50 years, I'm amazed at how much I learned from Grace ...sound ideas and practical approaches to engage students and inspire teachers to feel empowered. These are the types of classes we wished we had in teacher training school.

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