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Hi, I'm Grace


This is my Story

As long as I can remember, my passion has been to learn and to teach. I loved school and pursued higher education in four different countries. I moved to California from Europe in my early twenties and settled into a corporate career where I excelled, but did not feel fulfilled. The constant stress and travel was not a good fit for my young family, so I made the dramatic decision to exchange my VP life for life as a public school teacher in a Title 1 school. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

Teaching lit up my soul and I found it to be so fun and easy. Until it wasn't. The stress, anxiety and overwhelm starting creeping back in. I didn't have another career change in me. I realized I didn't need to change jobs, or schools, or grades - I needed to change me.





I immersed myself in the study of positive psychology, behavioral therapy, neuroscience and neuro- linguistic programming. I learned science-based habits to create a more positive experience in the classroom. I also learned the ultimate secret - my energy taught more than my lesson plans.

I’ve turned my transformation into a system of habits and mindsets that educators can use to unlock their potential, tackle burnout, and create a more positive and sustainable teaching experience for themselves.

After twenty years in the classroom, my next professional chapter is dedicated to helping educators just like you.

Let me help you be the hero in your own teaching story

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