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What to Expect from the Balance Your Teacher Life Podcast

podcast Jul 25, 2023

Show Notes for Episode One of the New Podcast for Educators

Episode Chapters

Balance Your Teacher Life Podcast Overview
ECHO Framework for Educator Empowerment
Grace's Origin Story - From Corp VP to Educator to Author and Coach
What to Expect from the Podcast

Introducing the new Podcast for Educators

"Balance your Teacher Life" is a podcast that focuses on helping educators find ways to achieve work-life balance, avoid burnout, and set healthy boundaries. Hosted by Grace Stevens, this podcast is tailored for educational professionals, including teachers, administrators, and even those in higher education.

In this trailer episode, Grace shares a glimpse into her own life and career, and how her passion for empowering educators like herself led her to create this podcast. As a second-career teacher, Grace began her career as a public school teacher in 2000, teaching until 2022. Along with her background in positive psychology, she also authored the book "Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers."

How the ECHO Framework for Educators Can Help Reduce Teacher Burn Out

Grace shares the Echo Framework for Educators ©, which she has developed as a foundational concept for the podcast and her work.

  1. Energy: The energy that teachers bring to their classrooms teaches more than their lesson plans. Grace emphasizes that the energy teachers emanate is not about physical vitality but rather about how they show up and interact with students.
  2. Control: Teachers should focus on controlling what they can control. The education landscape is filled with external factors outside of a teacher's control, and focusing on those things can lead to exhaustion.
  3. Happiness: Happiness can be synthesized. Grace discusses the research on how intentional habits can shift our happiness set point, leading to a more positive and optimistic mindset.
  4. Other Teachers' Experience: Other teachers' experiences don't have to be your own. You have the power to craft your own unique experiences and path in the field of education.

Grace has always aimed to have a positive impact on students' lives. However, she realized that she could expand her impact beyond the classroom by stepping out and coaching educators to overcome burnout and have a more positive experience.

Podcast Logistics - Listen Along for True Teacher Self-Care

This podcast will feature a mix of solo episodes and expert guests. Each episode will cover various topics, always falling back into the Echo framework. Released weekly on Tuesdays, episodes will range from 20-40 minutes, making them ideal for listening during lunch breaks, commutes, or even while doing household chores.

For those who prefer reading, the transcripts and show notes for each episode will be available on Grace's website,, where you can also find resources mentioned in each episode.

Grace’s journey is a testament to the power of taking control of your life, fostering positive mindsets, and finding ways to have a more fulfilling career in education. Whether you are an educator or a supporter of educators, "Balance Your Teacher Life" promises to offer insightful perspectives and valuable advice that could help shift the trajectory of your life and career.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher, a newcomer to the profession, or an administrator, this podcast aims to provide you with the tools and insights to find balance in your life and career, helping you cultivate a happier and healthier life as an educator.

Tune in to "Balance Your Teacher Life" to explore topics that will empower you to avoid burnout and achieve a better work-life balance.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Check out Grace's best-selling book Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers here




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