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Are You Ready to Thrive in Teaching WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Personal Life?

The only program that combines personal development curriculum with life coaching to help teachers elevate every area of their lives.



Teachers, how would your life be different if...


You knew that your mental, physical and emotional health (and your family time) didn't need to be sacrificed just because you are a passionate & caring educator?


You could glide gracefully through the school year instead of crawling, exhausted and living for the weekend (which you squander worrying about school)?


You could reconnect to the passion you once had for teaching, because you are no longer running on empty? Imagine having the skills to confidently set boundaries- guilt free.

Does any of this sound familiar?


  You love teaching, but you're tired of it being your whole life. 

Maybe (like me) being a teacher was your childhood dream. But the day-to-day reality of teaching is that you are constantly stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated that there is more to do than any one mortal could possibly complete in one day- and so much of it has nothing to do with student success. Like most teachers, you work at least 10-15 hours a week in addition to your contracted hours. You love your students, but your life is out of balance and all about school, all the time.

  You feel guilty that other people's children get the best of you. 

If you're a parent, you could just cry that you are missing your child's soccer game again, because you are busy at school with other people's children. When you do finally get home, you are exhausted and short tempered. You have zero energy to help your children with their school projects. You get to pile fear of judgement from your children's teachers onto your parent guilt.

If you're not a parent, you know that other relationships in your life are suffering because how out of balance your life is.

  You worry that teaching in today's environment isn't sustainable.

You don't sleep well. You spend more time than you'd like to admit crying or fantasizing about doing something else with your career. You are worried that the educational landscape has taken a turn for the worse since the pandemic, and you honestly don't know if you can (or want) to make it until retirement in this field. Being a barista never sounded better.


Here's the truth:

It's not your fault!

Let me ask you this... how much of your time and money have you spent on educator professional development? Extra units, curriculum seminars, teacher conferences- did any of this lead to YOU having a more positive teaching experience? Most PD  you partake in has worthwhile goals: student success, improved outcomes and optics for the school district. But very little (if any) of it is focused on giving YOU the skills to feel empowered, set healthy boundaries, and understand what's holding you back from thriving. That's requires a DIFFERENT focus- PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- and a different type of facilitator.


"These lessons can truly deliver balance and real world coping skills beyond just not being the last car in the parking lot."

Beatriz, Veteran Teacher and Vice Principal

Working with Grace has been a game-changer.  The information is easy to follow, practical and relevant to the challenges we are facing. This is the best investment in time and money I have made in a long time.

donnette, education program director

There is a Better Way..

What if instead of being a victim of a struggling education system that is built on the foundation of teachers self-sacrificing to the point of exhaustion you could learn the skills, mindsets and tools to be EMPOWERED to control your own teaching narrative? 

What if you had proven strategies and scripts to put balance back in your life, put effective boundaries on your time, separate school from home and leave that teacher guilt behind once and for all?

What if you had an experienced coach who has a unique background of 20 years as a public school teacher PLUS a background in life coaching to show you the way?


The Elevated Teacher Experience

The only membership FOR TEACHERS combining personal development and life coaching to enable you to thrive inside and outside of the classroom.

Proven Roadmap

The self-study Core Curriculum includes the Balance Your Teacher Life Program. This program has only ever been previously available in a cohort model, but you will have access to the entire course immediately upon enrollment.

Monthly Live Masterclasses

New classes will be taught live every month, with plenty of time for student Q and A. We'll focus on one specific area for the month and cheer each other on.


Monthly Coaching Calls

This is where the magic will happen. Hop on the confidential monthly group call to get coaching, accountability, support and community. You will see faster results with expert support.


Short, Actionable Lessons

 The self-study curriculum includes over 45 short video lessons, a complete workbook with science backed exercises, PDFs and other materials to ensure your success. It offers a proven framework for you to take back control of your time and energy.

Let's Get Real

Why Choose To Do THIS During Your Precious Free Time?


#1  No one is coming to save you (not even me).

If you want your teaching experience to be different, YOU need to do something different. Spending your breaks doing a deep dive into the latest curriculum (the old just repackaged) will not change your teaching experience. The system isn't going to change any time soon, but you CAN CHANGE HOW YOU SHOW UP IN IT. You can learn to be empowered and take back control. You can change your teaching story.

#2 Created just for educators, BY an educator plus...

Things have changed in the classroom. I have experienced this first hand. I taught all the way through the end of 2022. I also bring a broader perspective to the situation examining it through a lens of psychology, behavioral therapy and life coaching (at a fraction of the cost of what traditional life coaches charge).

#3 Did you ever sign up for something and not use it? Yeah, me too.

Self-paced study courses are great. You can return to the learning modules and the exercises any time you need them. But I'll be honest. Many people who buy courses don't complete them. Having a COACH on your side to meet with you monthly, encourage you, answer questions, and hold you gently accountable may be the magic potion ✨ you've been missing.


Here's a snapshot of the self-study curriculum

Foundational Material: Balance Your Teacher Life 

"Becoming the hero in your own teaching story"
Module 1

Level Up Your Mindset

Gain clarity on your current reality. Reframe being the hero in your own story by learning the difference between being proactive & reactive. Separate who you are from what you do. Learn why people pleasing is so prevalent in education and how to break free from it.

Module 2

A New Framework & Tools

Start using all of the tools that will help you be successful on your journey. Discover where you are out of balance, where you are giving your power away, and create your compass for moving forward. Work your way through simple but powerful exercises to gain clarity and direction.

Module 3

 Boundary Up, Baby!

Reframe common misconceptions and learn the boundary rules to confidently say "no" to all things from extra duties to pushy parents to demanding co-workers. You will discover your boundary blindspots and leave the module with an entire boundary plan to set yourself up for success.

Module 4

Separating School from Home

Learn how to school-proof your home. Develop healthy closing rituals and routines to leave school at school. Understand how much of yourself you share with parents, colleagues and students. Finally prioritize putting your needs and passions back on the schedule.

Module 5

Bye-Bye Teacher Guilt!

What's the point of physically leaving school if mentally your concerns are still there? Let's crush your limiting beliefs around what makes a good educator. Discover practical strategies to let go of vicarious student trauma so you can focus on the lives you can positively impact and not be bogged down with teacher guilt.

Module 6

Living in Your New Reality

Unlock the tools and practices to maintain your new empowered teaching reality. By thriving you will have a more balanced life and the renewed passion to inspire the next generation of change makers. Get monthly coaching support to help you stay on your path and live your best life- even during testing season!

And there is more!

If you enroll now, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:


Complete Boundary Scripts

The ultimate resource for setting boundaries in EVERY area of your life. It includes boundary scripts in one place- need to shut down inappropriate conversations in the staff room, or deal with pushy parents and co-workers? It's all in here.


Peaceful Partnerships Course

The secrets to reducing teacher stress is knowing how to communicate effectively and professionally, while still setting appropriate boundaries. Follow the frameworks and exercises and never dread difficult conversations with parents and co-workers again.


Founding Member Pricing

For a limited time, I will welcome founding members and guarantee them the lowest cost the membership price that will ever be available. Cancel at any time.* see pricing details.

I Need This!
I Need This!

I would recommend this program to anyone in the education field, not just teachers... If you are looking to find that passion for teaching again, then this is for you. I learned so much about myself!

Dave, Teacher & Curriculum Coach

Having taught just about every level from primary to university over the last 50 years, I was amazed at how much I learned from Grace... She inspires teachers to feel empowered. These are the types of classes we wished we had in teacher training.

Cynthia, Veteran Teacher

Are you ready to ELEVATE your life inside and outside of the classroom?

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Risk Free - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If within the first 14 days you are not thrilled with the content in the Elevated Teacher Experience, I will happily refund your money. Monthly members can cancel at any time before their next billing cycle.

Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Grace


Teaching was a miracle cure for me...

I can't change your life experience for you, but I can be your guide.

I went on my own hero's quest. I went on a few detours but I learned a lot to share along the way.

My first detour was into corporate life. For 13 years I was a successful VP with all the lifestyle glitter that came with it. But I was suffering from constant stress, anxiety and burnout.

In 2001 I traded that lifestyle in to follow my dream of being a public school teacher. Happy ending, right?

At first, teaching was like a breath of fresh air! I found spending my day with students and making an impact was a joy- and easy. 

Until it wasn't...

Pretty soon, I was overwhelmed and back on the road to burnout. I had created the exact same experience for myself as when I was in the corporate world. I had a complete lack of boundaries, I was a chronic people pleaser, and I was constantly overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.

I finally realized I didn't need to change careers again; I needed to change ME. 

I did a deep dive into NLP, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. I learned how to hack my mindset with simple habits to put joy back in my classroom and my life. I trained in emotional intelligence and life coaching.

These new skills literally changed my life. In 2018, I turned those habits into the best-selling book, "Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers." 

After 20 years in the classroom (yes, during and after the pandemic) I now dedicate myself to empowering teachers and taking them on their own journey to a more positive and sustainable teaching experience. 



This is possible for you too!

Your path to taking back control of your time and energy


Join the Membership

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email will your login details. Mark the coaching dates on your calendar.


Get Started

Dive into the content and take action. Worried you won't have time? It's okay, the lessons are short and you go at your own pace. There are no timetables or quizzes!


Take Back Control of Your Life

Finally feel confident to achieve your goals. Ditch the teacher martyr syndrome and learn how to fully reengage with your life. You loved ones will thank me.

This membership is perfect for you if:

  You're fed up of toxic positivity pep talks & want real solutions

  You crave a more balanced life where you leave work daily guilt-free

  You're overwhelmed and want an experienced coach to lead and support you 

✔  You know you want to stay in teaching but you need to stop feeling over-extended, resentful and living for the weekend (or the next break, or retirement)

✔ You believe your quality of life and your emotional health are worth investing in

This is not a great fit if:

  You have bought into the teacher martyr myth and believe teachers aren't destined to have a balanced life

  You're OK with missing out on other areas of your life that should be rewarding and joyful

  You don't believe you are worthy of investing in yourself and your happiness 

✗ You aren't open to thinking in new ways and feeling more empowered in your life


"The steps were so actionable and easy to apply and I really found the boundary scripts empowering."

Jess, School Counselor

 I know money and time are always an issue- but what will NOT investing in this program cost you?

Chances are if you continue with your current teacher path you are sacrificing your well-being and your relationshipsYou are trading a life of balance and impact for one of resentment and exhaustion. 
Hardly the stuff of epic adventures.
You simply cannot put a dollar value on your mental and emotional health. It's time to invest in yourself!
The truth is, 10 years from now the only people who will remember how many hours you spent at work or spent worrying about work will be your neglected loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

Nothing Will Change Next Year Unless You Change

With our Happiness Guarantee you have nothing to risk and potentially so much to gain!

Don't just go along with the teacher martyr narrative- forge your own path and create a better reality for YOU, YOUR FAMILY, and YOUR STUDENTS.

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:

  Proven strategies and tools in the foundational curriculum.
  Continued learning every month with new masterclasses.
  Continued support, coaching, accountability and community with monthly calls.

Let's do this!

 Choose your payment plan:

MONTHLY membership


  • Locked in founding member pricing
  • Immediate access to the Foundational Curriculum
  • Access to live monthly masterclasses (and replays)
  • Access to monthly community coaching calls
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